I'm interested in the world and passionate about making a positive difference (sounds pretty clichéd right?).

I am an economist for EY and provide strategic, economic and policy advice to Government and private sector clients. I have a huge passion for making the world a better place and, as a result, have been involved with many charitable projects & initiatives including becoming a trustee for international NGO, Khalsa Aid which provides humanitarian aid in disaster zones and war zones.

I have a keen interest in the Arts and recently co-founded a social business, 'Hothi & Othi' which aims to provide a platform for emerging artists to support their careers and selected charitable causes.

Outside of trying to save the world, I enjoy spending my spare time in the gym, brushing up my Muay Thai (Thai boxing) skills or playing countless hours of videogames.

Feel free to reach out and connect. I enjoy meeting like-minded people. Now back to saving the world!  

My Life in Pictures

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